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Wishing Well Signs

Even if you are planning a relatively simple wedding event there are a lot of details to get just right. Naturally, you will have a theme in mind as well as a certain mood that you want to create so that you, your families and guests can soak up the atmosphere and really settle into the celebratory mood. Read More

The old tradition of giving useful gifts to newlyweds is less common today and instead many couples choose to buy a wishing well as an alternative. However, what if you can’t find one that is eye-catching enough and delivers major style points, too? Well, you can stop looking now because you’re in the right place.

Where to Buy a Unique Wishing Well in Australia

Here at Sketch and Etch, we are the expert craftspersons that realise the ideas of customers who want to bring a little glamour and style to their special day. Our Neon Builder allows you to customise the wishing well that you believe would be perfect. We make wishing wells in one size and one size only, that is, 300mm by 300mm by 300mm. These gorgeous cubes are fitted with a gold lock and latch as well as clear hinges.

Our customers benefit from getting to design and preview what their wishing well will look like and once the order is placed they receive a proof within 3 business days, which you then can approve. We are dedicated to making your dreams come to life, so even if you have an ultra-custom order, which may require multiple colours, custom fonts or prints, reach out to our creative team and we will work with you to achieve that perfect finish. We can even create a spectacular wishing well sign to further complement it.

Why You Should Opt for a Wishing Well

At Sketch and Etch, we believe that wishing wells are the ideal, modern solution for weddings that take a lot of hassle and second-guessing out of the equation. Think about your guests, they have a lot of planning to do as well to prepare for your big day, so eliminating one part of the process by having a wishing well present allows them to give you cash to spend as you wish and help you as you take your first steps as a newlywed couple.

Those who decide to buy a wishing well may worry that they are placing an undue burden of expectation on their guests. Naturally, one of the biggest questions on the minds of those who will attend is “how much should we give?” Start typing this question into Google and it will quickly pre-populate for wedding occasions because everyone wonders. The best thing you can do is to let people know that there is no right or wrong amount. Everyone has their budget, so allowing them the freedom to choose makes sense.

Furthermore, we have worked with plenty of customers who don’t actually want any cash donations for themselves but instead would prefer to gift whatever is given to a nominated charity. Again, letting your guests know this lessens the burden of expectation but it also goes to show that their card is what you will treasure the most.

Once you know what you want, get in touch with the team here at Sketch and Etch and we will assign a professional project manager to work with you on your design if you so wish. Whether you need a wishing well sign or the perfect wishing well to complete your décor, trust that we can deliver the perfect result. Read Less



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