Neon Wedding Signs

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Frequently Asked

How big should a Neon sign be for a wedding?

When it comes to Neon signs, we know that bigger is best! However, we want to make sure that when you get to take your wedding Neon sign home at the end of the night, it too will fit perfectly in your home after the big day. 

Commonly customers that purchase our last name neon signs are 1200mm Wide. ie; Mr & Mrs Jones or The Smiths. We recommend measuring up a space at home where you might like to install our Neon sign after the wedding and check that the neon sign size will work well there too!

But in short 1200-1500mm Wide is the most common size for our couples Neons!

Where should I hang a wedding sign at my wedding?

The possibilities of where you could hang your sign at your wedding are endless! Commonly we see our amazing customers hang their signs in these spots:

1. Behind the Bridal table. Set the scene of the evening with a Neon sign set up right behind you two newlyweds! It means that it will feature in any of those beautiful candidate couple shots of you two during speeches, and everyone gets to see you both lit up and in love!

2. On the wedding dancefloor. This is probably our favourite spot to see your Neon sign on display at your wedding. It really transforms the vibe of the entire dancefloor, creates an amazing mood when all the lights go down and it looks amazing in the back of all those action shots of your guests tearing it up with their dance moves!

3. At the Bar. Another great spot for your Neon is at or behind your Bar - One of our most popular signs is our Drunk in Love Neon sign which is the perfect blend of a cheeky and fun wedding quote - plus who doesn't love a Beyoncé quote? Check out our Bar Neon signs for some more inspiration.

4. Photo backdrop. Another great spot for your wedding Neon sign is to create a moment where your guests can take photos in front of it. We recommend hanging your Neon sign in a space that is open, where groups can pile in and take group shots and of course, get you all that wedding content! 

Why is a neon sign better than regular wedding signage?

After working in the wedding stationery space for nearly 10 years, we truly believe you can't go past a Neon sign for your big day. Whether it's custom neon text or a pre-designed Wedding Neon sign, you can really let your relationship's personality shine through (no pun intended) with LED Neon. Firstly, we can completely customise the sign to be uniquely YOU - If you have a cute little quote, nickname or saying that ties back to your relationship, we can turn it into Neon! 

Our second favourite thing about a Sketch & Etch Neon for your wedding is that it's something you actually get to physically keep and take home after the big day. Forget seating charts that end up in the bin, the Neon gets to come home, be put up in your home and is a happy reminder of the best day of your life, every time you turn it on!

Do I need an apostrophe in my custom wedding Neon?

After nearly 10 years in the wedding industry, our most common question when it comes to wedding signage is still "Do I need an apostrophe in my wedding Neon?"

We are here today to tell you, the answer is NO! To make a last name plural, simply add an S on the end with no apostrophe. ie; The Smiths, The Roberts

However, if your last name ends in S, X, Z, or CHE, then add ES. ie; The Joneses

What is a popular Wedding quote for my Neon sign?

Here are some of our favourite and the most popular quotes we see in Neon for weddings. 

It was always you


That's Amore

All you need is love

You & Me

To The Moon & Back

Better Together

It's Love

Love Made Us Do It

Happily Ever After

For Infinity & Beyond

Til Death

Our Neon wedding signs are designed and built in-house by Sketch & Etch's very own neon wizards. The neon team ensures each neon is crafted with the most premium materials which are long-lasting and super aesthetic pleasing.

About your wedding neong sign

Our Neon wedding signs are designed and built in-house by Sketch & Etch's very own neon wizards. The neon team ensures each neon is crafted with the most premium materials which are long-lasting and super aesthetic pleasing. 

Explore our stunning selection of neon wedding signs or design your very own custom neon sign to meet the exact wishes of your special day.

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