Man Cave Ideas for the 21st Century

Sketch & Etch On July 13, 2021

Man Cave Ideas for the 21st Century

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Man Cave.

noun: man cave; plural noun: man caves

A room or other part of a home used by a man as a place to relax and pursue hobbies away from the rest of the family.

It may be dedicated to watching his favourite sport, his exclusive bar space, or decked out as his personal gym. Whatever it is, man caves are on the rise.

With more time being spent at home, we’re making them into our sanctuary. We’re carving out that special space dedicated to ourselves and everything we love. We’ve gathered our top 5 man cave ideas that will keep the man in your life entertained for hours, and earn you major brownie points!

Man Cave Idea 1 | The Brewing Bloke

We either are him or know him. He’s the guy who loves a good drink with his friends. His bar might be fully stocked with the classic lagers. Or he might be more interested in brewing his own special blend. Either way, the home bar has become his man cave. What kind of Man cave decor needed to complete this look, you ask? A few bar stools, a sleek bar counter, some open shelving to show off his collection and (naturally) some epic man cave signs. 

We love this look that a customer's wife surprised her husband with! This mixed colour custom neon sign incorporated all things he loved. White, green, and horse racing. The cherry on top of this man cave? Having his own beer on tap - who needs to go to the pub?

Man Cave Idea 2 | The Gamer Man

The Gamer Man. This one is a little divisive. You’ll either know EXACTLY what we’re talking about or be scratching your head wondering when this became a thing. 

This guy has always had an affinity with gaming - from his teens to his twenties and beyond. Now he uses gaming as the ideal way to wind down after a long day of work, and catch up with other like-minded friends. You’ll find that the key things on every top gamer’s list include:

  • The ultimate gaming chair
  • A gaming keyboard and PC that can keep up
  • Flawless internet connection
  • An epic gaming space

Okay, we have to admit - we might not be the go-to experts for the technological side of things. But when it comes to epic man cave signs, Sketch & Etch have you covered. Whether you’d like to see their gamer tag in light or have your own unique vision, we’ll be able to breathe light into it! 

With over 18 colours to choose from, and a huge range of pre-designed gaming neons to get you inspired, you’ll be able to find that perfect sign to make their man cave pop.

Man Cave Idea 3 | The Sophisticated Señor

Yes, he’s a bloke. But not your ‘traditional’ guy. He’s the sophisticated señor. He appreciates time to himself and has a broad range of interests. He might stream his latest show, be reading a book, listen to a podcast, or enjoy a good drop. Whatever it may be, his man cave is his zen den. The calming place where he can just be. 

The key to making this space work? Masculine greys and black, natural timber, a splash of greenery, and man cave decor that isn’t too over the top.

Man cave signage in this type of man cave doesn’t shout ‘hey buddies, you’re in for a good time!’. It gives you a subtle nod and invites you to stay for an hour or two. The best thing about custom neons is that the sign can double as lighting for the perfect ambience. Plus, since every Sketch & Etch neon comes with a remote dimmer, you will be able to completely control the level of brightness for the space and time of day.

Man Cave Idea 4 | The Gym Junkie

Home gyms. The man cave of the 21st century? They might just be. With a trend towards fitness and health, being active is becoming more than a hobby. It's a lifestyle. Spending extra time with a Personal Trainer, at your local gym or on a cycling path is becoming increasingly popular. Home Gyms are no exception. 

What is new, however, is that home gyms are no longer just an afterthought in the dingy corner of a basement. Weight sets and treadmills aren’t relegated to the corner of a lounge room. And everyone is in search of a home gym finish that will leave them motivated.


We’re seeing more and more clients interested in getting motivational neons as a piece of wall art for their home gym. One that will light up their space and inspire them. Custom neon quotes designed online like: 

“Be happy. Lift Heavy. Make Gains.” 

“Wake, gym, repeat.”

“Gym junkie.”

“Embrace the sweat”

...and the list goes on!

With man cave signs like these, it’s no wonder this has been one of our most popular man cave ideas!

Man Cave Idea 5 | The Movie Buff

Last, but not least, is one of our personal favourite man cave ideas. The ultimate home cinema for every Movie Buff out there. 

Never mind the actors. This guy is obsessed with the directors and all the cinematic magic they’ve poured into their films. He’s got his cult classic favourite movies with matching posters. And let's not forget decor and memorabilia that echo his passion. 

It’s his little den where he can escape from the world and fully immerse himself in his passion. If you’re lucky and promise not to ask any questions during the movie, you might get an invite too. 

We love how @iamnickshackelford has used a custom neon man cave sign as lighting for their home cinema. The Sketch & Etch team worked closely with these clients to bring their own home cinema logo to life. Who could think of a better piece of man cave decor?


Ready to bring your man cave ideas to life? Check-out Sketch & Etch’s stylish range of Man Cave Signs here. Or try your hand at designing your own using the Online Neon Builder tool!

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