Neon Bar Signs

Shop our range of neon bar signs including beer neon signs, the classic bar neon sign, bar this way neon sign and more.

Our personalised neon bar signs are perfect for lighting up your bar, restaurant or cafe and will greatly help your venue stand out amongst the crowded city laneways or busy streets. 

Our selection of neon bar signs are designed and built by Sketch & Etch's very own neon specialist. Our team ensures that each neon is crafted with premium materials that are long-lasting and are very visually aesthetic. 

Explore our neon bar signs today or create your very own personalised neon bar sign with our custom neon sign builder. Create a bar sign that works with your venue's interior or exterior design.

Personalized Bar Neon Sign

$389 AUD

Beer Neon Sign

$389 AUD

Bar Neon Sign

$389 AUD

Old School Beer Neon Sign

$499 AUD

Female Body Neon Sign

$299 AUD

Lightning Bar Neon Sign

$399 AUD

Bar This Way Neon Sign

$399 AUD

Man Cave Neon Sign

$399 AUD