Are you looking for a vibrant and creative way to boost your brand? Do you want to promote your business at your next big event? Or perhaps you’re looking to launch a new product line? At Sketch & Etch, we create custom, eye-catching signs that make your brand STAND-OUT! Over the years we’ve created thousands of business Neon signs. We’ve worked with big names like Bumble, Samsung, Holden and Masterchef – and now we want to help you. Our team of creative experts aren’t afraid to push the boundaries to create custom-made designs that will leave a lasting impression on your customers.

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At Sketch & Etch, we don’t settle for ordinary. We grow businesses by pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box. And that’s why we design and manufacture all of our products in-house at our head office in Victoria, Australia. This way, we can ensure you’re receiving the best service and quality, time and time again.

When creating your masterpiece, you’ll work closely with our in-house Client Managers and design team. They’ll help bring your vision to life! Once you’re happy, we’ll hand over to our production team so they can work their magic. And the best part? We work to a timeframe that suits you!



We get it – you want your business signage to grab your audience by the eyeballs. You want Insta-worthy photos that attracts likes and shares. At Sketch & Etch, we’re more than signage specialists – we’re a team of avid creatives ready to make some magic for your business.

We create signage of all different shapes, sizes, colours and finishes – and we’ll walk you through the entire design process. What’s more, we can match your current branding or create something entirely new. Whatever your taste and style - we’ll help to unleash your creativity and bring your vision to life.

Got questions?

business neon faqs

Can you turn my logo into a Neon sign?

We can absolutely turn your logo into a custom Neon sign.

All you have to do is fill out our upload form here. Our design team can work with you to replicate your design, mix fonts, Neon colours and change sizing. All while offering a quote and free Neon

To gauge an idea on fonts, colours, sizing and pricing - feel free to check out our custom Neon builder here.

If you are having any trouble with the form or designing your Neon online, simply send us an email and we can help from there.

Where are your Neon signs made?

Sketch & Etch's Neon's are proudly Australian made, inhouse by our amazing team of signage wizards.  Our workshop is in Geelong, Victoria. We love
employing local staff, who have the utmost care and skill when it comes to making your sign! For that reason, we may not always be the cheap neon signs
company, but we can hand-on-our-heart say we are the best - After all, who doesn't want Aussie made?

Most importantly we will always work with you to help best achieve your signage dreams, within a given budget and there are plenty of ways we can insure you get something that works for you. 

Are Neon signs a good investment for your business?

Here are 4 reasons why Neon signs are a great investment for your business!

  1. Visibility: Sketch & Etch's Neon signs are great for catching the eye of potential customers, especially at night. If your business is located in an area with high foot traffic or has poor lighting or just needs a POP of colour, a neon sign can help increase your visibility and attract more customers.
  2. Branding: A neon sign can be an effective way to showcase your brand and create a unique visual identity for your business. Sketch & Etch can create custom neon designs using different Neon colors and fonts to reflect your brand's personality and style.
  3. Cost: While neon signs can be an effective marketing tool, we can also create something that works perfectly within your budget. The cost will depend on the size and complexity of the sign.
  4. Durability: LED Neon signs are known for their durability long lifespan and easily last 50,000+ hours.

Overall, if you're looking for a way to increase visibility and create a unique brand identity for your business, a Sketch & Etch Neon sign is the PERFECT investment

How much should you pay for a Neon sign?

One of our most common questions is "How much should I pay for a custom Neon sign".

Sketch & Etch's pricing of Neon signs can vary depending on several factors such as the size, complexity of design, and font choice. On average, a small neon sign can cost around $239 to $500, while larger and more intricate designs can cost $1000+.

Please check out our Neon sign shop to see a range of Neon sign pricing.

To obtain an accurate quote for a custom neon sign, we recommend using our online Neon builder to design your own Neon text. If you are after a logo Neon sign, submit your logo design here, so our team can provide a free mock-up & exact pricing.

Are Neon signs expensive to run for a business?

Compared to traditional neon signs, LED Neon signs are generally less expensive to run for businesses. LED Neon signs use less electricity and have a longer lifespan than traditional neon signs, which require high-voltage transformers and can use up to 15 times more electricity than LED neon signs.

Additionally, because LED neon signs are more energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan, which means that they require less maintenance and replacement costs over time.

Our LED Neon signs have a 50,000+ hour lifespan! (that's a lot of hours!!)

Our signs also come with a 24 month warranty on the rare occasion the LED need to be replaced. .

How long will my Neon sign order take?

Sketch & Etch lovingly handcraft every neon sign to order in our Geelong, Victoria
warehouse. Depending on our capacity, there are two delivery options at Checkout; Standard & Express.

Australia Standard Neon sign orders are normally delivered in:

-       2-4 weeks (Please check shipping options at checkout for updated shipping times - subject to change according to capacity)

If you are in Australia and require your sign in under 3 weeks, you can select the express option at checkout (Fees apply)

Australia Express Neon sign orders:

-       10-14 Days for a Rush fee (Please check shipping options at checkout for updated shipping times - subject
to change according to capacity)

Please also let us know the required date you need the sign for, so we can confirm this will work with our production schedule.

We understand a lot of our signs are used at important events. If you do have an event date and have selected the relevant shipping option, email us your
event date after purchase at so we can be sure to make the production team aware of this date.