Home Office Ideas To Boost Your Productivity

Sketch & Etch On March 26, 2021

‘Home Office Ideas’ would have to be one of the most searched for phrases in 2020.

Thanks to Covid, our work environments have undergone a huge change - for better or worse.  

Yes, we get it. Working from home comes with its perks. Unlimited, unjudged access to snacks. No work colleagues are around to bug you all day. Getting to wear sweatpants all day long. Let’s be honest. Who else has tried working in your pyjamas all day, or had activewear sweats become a regular staple? I’m pretty sure my work wardrobe now consists of sweatpants in all the colours of the rainbow. 

But, working from home also comes with drawbacks...unlimited access to snacks, no colleagues around, and wearing sweatpants all day long - sound familiar? Not to mention the plain old difficulty in staying focused and motivated. You get the idea. 

Like any new relationship, the novelty soon wears off as the long-term reality settles in.

So what do the productivity-gurus have to say? "Change your space, change your outlook". It's a common thread shared by brilliant minds like Jenna Kutcher, entrepreneurs on Foundr and Forbes Magazine

Work spaces don’t have to be dull. Use your space to show off your style and boost your productivity. Here are our top picks of 2021 to 2022 home office trends, based on your personality type.


Home office ideas ONE: Light, bright, crisp and white

Minimise distractions and maximise style. This home office idea is ideal for those who like having an organised workspace. Neutral colours, with a place for everything, is the perfect home office idea for super organised Type-A personalities. If you’re looking for a way to personalise this space to you, custom house signs are a great way to do this. Lighting can be beautiful, bright and functional. But be sure to opt for a subtle colour choice to complement your theme. These personalised house signs by Sketch & Etch are a perfect way to accessorise this space.  They're available in a tonne of amazing colours so it can be tempting to get carried away. Remember to opt for a crisp finish like Cool or Warm White. Jenni from @hiredstyle has the right idea here. She chose Warm White LED Neon tubing but opted for a Gold Mirror Acrylic backing to tie in with the gold accents in her workspace.

We’re also loving this space styled by @whittfran. It’s personalised, functional, and thoughtfully planned out to suit her and her needs. The grey couch is a stunning statement furniture piece. But it also doubles as a comfy kids corner for her little one when he decides he wants to join mum in the office. Plus, a desk lamp that doubles as motivational wall art? Yes, please! You can find that exact Hustle wall light here.


Home office ideas TWO: Moody, minimalist, and masculine 

Darker wall colours have been making a resurgence in recent years. And we have to say, the sophistication that a coat of rich green, navy, or grey can add is incredible!

This home office idea is best suited to those who live by the motto “you’ve got to look the part to play the part”. Adding a coat of a sophisticated hue exudes success. As you enter, you immediately know it belongs to someone composed. Who knows exactly what they want from their career and isn’t afraid to go after it. 


The key to making this home office welcoming, rather than a dreary den, is to limit the clutter. Ensure your workstation only contains the essentials. Your laptop, simple styling and a source of light like a table lamp or wall light are all you need.

Lighting is a fundamental way to keep you energised throughout your workday. As this Forbes article mentions, “if you want your environment to energize you, try adjusting a room’s lighting to alter the ambience.”


These ones from Sketch & Etch are great. They have an awesome range of Inspirational Neons. Plus, you can even create your own logo with the team if you’re running your small business from home.

Soften the heavy wall colour with a house-plant or two, and a couple of accents of raw or natural timber.

Home office ideas THREE: Playful and creative

Bright, bold and colourful is the source of inspiration in this home office idea. It's ideal for those in creative professions, needing a little pizazz in their day. While this theming can be a little distracting for some, it sure does get the creative juices flowing!



This is a great option for individuals who thrive from the new and exciting. Often, individuals will get this spark from working in a collaborative workspace. Unfortunately, working from home does cause some challenges on this front.



We recommend decorating your space with inspirational pieces. Is it this season’s latest colour swatches, new fabrics or yarn that you’re using in your upcoming collection? Or could it be quotes from your favourite authors, or a mood-board full of meaningful pictures? Whatever it is, fill your space with inspiration. Just remember to reign it in and make sure every piece of inspiration has a dedicated space.

Custom house signs are an increasingly popular way to show off your personality. Plus, it adds a fabulous pop of colour to any space. This one featured in @whatevalola’s space was designed via our Sketch & Etch Online Neon Builder.  It's incredibly playful with a cursive font and Pink LED Neon tubing.


The final touches to make this home office idea sing is to keep furniture neat and functional. It provides the perfect balance to the playful decor, combining work and play.

Whichever home office idea you choose to go with, creating your ideal workspace will help boost your focus and productivity. Investing a little time, energy and money into your space now can really pay off in the long run. And even when Covid becomes a thing of the past, remote working looks like it’s here to stay. So get ahead of the trend. Set yourself up for success with a workspace that will help you stay motivated and at the top of your game.