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Neon Facts

Nope, our Neon Signs do not use any gas or produce heat and they are silent! Instead our Neon Signs are made using LED Flexible Neon lighting. Generally, if the Neon sign is used correctly it should last 5-6years. Each Neon sign is handmade so you may discover some variances in Neon Colour and or residue glue on the backing board. This is not a fault but a consequence of the handmade nature of the item. Depending on your designs, most signs weight between 3kg and 6kgs.

As a result of our Neon’s using LED Flexible Neon, you don’t need an electrician to install your sign. Just safely mount the Neon Sign and plug into a standard power point (refer to safety and installation bellow).


What is the Neon Builder?

We receive hundreds of requests each week for lighting up names or phrases in NEON! The Neon Builder allows you to select your font, colour and type a message you desire in the most efficient way possible. The previewer allows you to review how your selections will work.

Can I do it wrong?

Absolutely not! Plus, if there’s something not quite right on our end we will send you and email. We reserve the right to refund any purchase where we deem it to be illegal or offensive.

What comes with the Neon?

Our Neon signs are mounted on a clear acrylic (backing board) and come with a dimmer control and booklet for controller. We pre-test the Neon signs to make sure they are in good working order PLUS we add in the Lithium Cell Battery for you. Please store the controller out of reach of small children as they are a choking hazard and extremely harmful.

How long does it take?

Once you have purchased your design online and there are no issues with your designs, it will take 4-6 weeks until delivery. Need it sooner? We can rush your order ahead however prices will change and a Rush Service Fee will be incurred. Email us at info@sketchandetch.com.au for a quote.

Love our Neon Builder but want something more?

We are here to help! New designs and concepts excite us! Send us an email via our contact form [here] with a description of your vision and one of our amazing Client Experience Managers will be in touch. Alternatively, email us at info@sketchandetch.com.au

Still have questions?

Need more help? Email us info@sketchandetch.com.au we are happy to help!



  • Before use, please inspect the Neon cord to ascertain if there are any breaks, damage, cracks or burns in the cord.
  • Please note if there is a break in the Neon casing, do not use the Product and contact us immediately.
  • Neon signs should not be handled by children, installed in the reach of children or installed where children may become entangled by the cord i.e close to their beds/cots.
  • Supervision of children and pets when the sign is connected to a power source is recommended
  • Do not leave the Neon turned on unsupervised. I.e. don’t forget to turn it off when you leave the premises.
  • Follow Electrical Safety Guidelines from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
  • We highly recommend using a power board with overload protection.
  • Neon signs are intended for indoor use only.
  • Neon Signs should not be handled whilst connected to power.
  • We do not recommend the Neon Sign being installed near heat or where it will be subjected to water and or moist conditions.
  • The controller for the dimmer settings requires the lithium button battery which is extremely harmful if ingested and or a choking hazard. Please keep the controller out of reach of small children and don’t allow them to use the controller as a toy.


  • We recommend using two (2) Command Hooks which have a total weight capacity of 15kgs.
  • Most Neon signs weigh between 3kgs – 6kgs.
  • Once the Command Hooks are in position, align with pre-drilled holes on the backing board and hang.
  • Ensure the Neon Sign is mounted securely before plugging in and using.


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