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Bedroom Door Signs

Whether you are a parent with many children or if you just moved your family into its very own place and want to tap into a great way to enhance the personal factor, you will most likely be considering décor options that achieve a lot without breaking the bank. Read More

Neon Lit Bedroom Door Signs Direct from Australia

Bedroom door signs traditionally involved stickers or labels or plaques of some variety. These ideas were fine once upon a time, but today they are lacking in imagination. Particularly when a vastly more exciting alternative is readily accessible, no matter where you live in the world.

At Sketch and Etch, we are an Australian company that specialises in bringing the creative designs of our customers to striking reality. Our business leads the field in the creation of the very best, high-quality neon signs. Neon made a major comeback in recent years and as more and more people recognise the impact that it makes, as well as the incredible flexibility it affords to achieve seriously fun results, it is in increasing demand.

In the family home, kids adore neon and it is a highly effective décor option in this regard. Anything neon looks otherworldly and inspires a sense of fantasy and activates the imagination. So, parents that want their kids to feel that they have their own spaces retain our service to create a bespoke door sign to achieve this.

We use LED Flexible Neon lighting. While it isn’t exactly cheap, it makes what we produce a more affordable option. What’s more, LED use less energy, produce no heat and there are no annoying buzzing noises emanating from our products. All things told you gain a super cool light source that is attractive to kids, is cheap to run and best of all, safe.

Achieve Something Brave, Bold and Brilliant 

Here at Sketch and Etch, you can browse our gorgeous galleries if you need some inspiration, or if you want to find a jumping-off point that will kick-start your own ideas for what is possible. Our easy to use Neon Builder is readily available for you to create your very own bedroom door signs. However, for those that prefer a little professional guidance, a client manager can work with you to bring the concept that you have in mind to life.

We want to help you achieve the perfect result. To keep costs down, our graphic design and manufacturing teams are in-house, which puts us at a distinct advantage compared to our competitors, many of whom outsource these jobs abroad.

The net result is a finished product that is priced more affordably, completed much faster and packaged and delivered to you within a few weeks. Our neon signs will last for five to six years when properly used and, therefore, make for a highly economical option.

At Sketch and Etch, we are here to help those with even the most epic of ideas to create something truly unique. We can deliver patterns of almost any shape and size, the only real constraint will be the budget that you wish to spend. All of our neon bedroom door signs can be plugged into a normal power socket and are mounted on clear acrylic. Dimmer control and a lithium cell battery are also included for your convenience.

So, if the marketplace is uninspiring and you want to do something brave, bold and brilliant with the doors to your kids' rooms, reach out to our creative team and let’s work on a neon sign that will put a smile on their faces. Call or fill out the online enquiry form now! Read Less



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