5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Neon Sign For Your Wedding

Tash Craven On September 22, 2023

In the grand scheme of wedding planning, couples often find themselves caught in a whirlwind of choices. From selecting the perfect venue to curating a menu that tantalises taste buds, every decision contributes to the creation of unforgettable day for you and your guests. However, amidst the myriad of details, there's one element that can add a dash of vibrancy, personality, and charm to your special day that you might be considering: a Neon sign.

In this blog, we share five reasons why you should consider getting a neon sign for your wedding. Beyond aesthetics, neon signs offer a unique blend of modern sophistication and timeless romance, making them the ideal choice to set the stage for your once-in-a-lifetime celebration. 

Drawing inspo from real-life couples who have added the glow of a custom Neon sign on their wedding day, we'll explore how these shining additions can elevate your wedding decor. 


Wedding Neon Signs Neon Wedding Signs

1. Neon Wedding Signs Add A Personal Touch

The best thing about wedding planning is the ability to make it so uniquely you. Everyone has that special quote with their partner, a sentimental song lyric, or a fun saying that only they can understand. Why not show it off in LED Neon?

Neon wedding signs don't have to just be a “Neon Last Name” or “Neon initials” - Why not have your personality shine through with a custom Neon sign for your big day. 

See above, some of our couples that have opted for something beyond the norm for their Neon wedding sign and absolutely NOT regretted it! 



Neon Initial Signs Initials Neon Image 

2. Neon Signs Have A Big Impact On Wedding Decor

Want to have a custom Neon sign that doesn't blow your wedding decor budget? The smallest details sometimes have the biggest impact, and perhaps having a giant life-size wedding Neon sign isn’t for you - but that's okay too!

One of our most popular options is to design your and your partners initials in Neon on our Neon sign builder


Wedding Venue Neon Sign Neon Sign Wedding Venue

3. Neon Signs Are Perfect For Any Wedding Venue

Spanning from inner city luxury to rustic country barns, there is a Neon Sign for every wedding venue, whether you’re planning an intimate affair or grand celebration, Sketch & Etch have designed a Neon sign for it all.

If your wedding venue doesn’t allow you to install the sign, consider hiring a screen or arch to display your Neon wedding sign. This also doubles up as the perfect photobooth opportunity for your guests. 

Check out how some of our amazing couples have displayed their Neon wedding sign on their big day. 


Photobooth Neon Sign Neon Photobooth Signs

4. Wedding Photobooth Sign 

A Neon wedding sign creates the perfect photo opportunity for your guests. Whether its dancefloor antics, fun friend selfies or a jam packed photobooth - Having a custom neon sign for your wedding backdrop, is the perfect addition to any of your wedding pics!



Neon Wedding Signs Neon Wedding Signs

5. Wedding Memory Keepsake 

From the wedding to the wall! One of our most common questions we get asked at Sketch & Etch, is "What do you do with a Neon sign after your wedding?"

Well that’s too easy - put it up in your home! Not only does the glow of a custom Neon sign provide an incredible ambient (and perhaps colourful) environment in your home, it’s a constant reminder of your wedding! 

We take a look at some of our amazing couples that have doubled up their wedding neons, to become a statement piece of art in their homes!



Light Up Your Wedding Day With Neon Signs

There are few things you get to physically keep from your wedding reception after your wedding day. Your Sketch & Etch neon sign is definitely one of them. 

Shop our pre-designed wedding Neon signs here or if you’re after something alittle more custom, design your own initials Neon sign or wedding last name Neon sign or here or contact us for something ultra custom!