Kids Bedroom Ideas That Every Child Will Love

Sketch & Etch On March 3, 2021

Are you looking for a way to surprise the kid in your life with their dream bedroom makeover? Or are you looking for a few key ways to freshen up their bedroom decor. We’ve pulled together 4 great kids bedroom ideas for styling, so that it is sure to be a hit with them and their friends. 

Kids Bedroom Decor That Is Themed


Kids and teenagers alike love to show off their personality whenever they can. Their bedroom decor is no exception. (Hey, we still love doing that with our own home interiors, right?!)

One great way of doing this is picking a theme for their bedroom decor. Is your kid a sports lover? If so, which team do they follow? Do they love animals? Or maybe they cannot get enough of this season’s hottest colour - neon pink, or electric blue. Whatever it may be, choose one theme and keep it consistent. Carry it through their bedding, decor, furniture and study space.


This is particularly useful if you’re doing a complete bedroom make-over. Quite often, we start our design journey on Pinterest or Instagram. But it’s all too easy to become overwhelmed by the endless kids bedroom ideas we come across. Decide what you, and more importantly your child, would like early on. You’ll discover that your bedroom styling choices will become a whole lot easier.

Have a cool kids bedroom theme idea you want to bring to life? See how our team can help.

A Meaningful Piece of Wall Art

Stop for a moment, and think back to when you were a kid. Now, what was one of your favourite memories? We’ll bet it was something that sparked intense joy, and was full of positive emotion.

Capture that meaningful event or memory through a piece of
wall art. It is the perfect way to create a tangible memento that your child can keep with them for years to come. We’re not just talking paintings (however, if that’s a talent of yours - go for it!). 

‘Wall art’ for your kid’s bedroom can be nearly anything. From a photo board or graphic prints, to a name sign to hang on their bedroom door or above their bed. What is your child’s favourite hobby? Has your child won any awards or certificates? Frame them and create a feature wall! Get creative and think of ways to show off some wall art that will bring joy to your little one. It will remind them of that great memory, every time they see it.

The Glow of Kids Night Lights

Night lights today are so much more versatile and design-focused than they used to be. Functional and stylish, this dual-purpose decor feature is a fantastic addition to any child’s bedroom - young or old!

For Kids Afraid Of The Dark

We may have forgotten, but our kids haven’t!

The boogey monster is real! Or so we once thought.

While we may have gotten bigger, and our imaginations have settled, the fear of monsters and baddies still lurks in the shadows for many of the little ones in our life. I’m sure many of us are facing that nightly ‘one last check’ our kids will beg us to do under the bed, and inside the closet. 


Thankfully, the glow of kids night lights is often enough to banish this. They can shine light into the darkest of corners and are ideal for getting kids to sleep soundly. Neon night lights provide a great alternative to conventional lamps.  Some Neon signs in the market, like Sketch & Etch Neons are even dimmable! They allow you to tailor the brightness level to suit your child and room. You can view our entire collection of night lights here. They also serve as a discreet way to incorporate a night light. Kids no longer need to feel embarrassed about being afraid of the dark, or fear that their friends will find out. 


For Kids Who Want Something Special

Nightlights have come a long way from the table lamps and desk lights we used to use as kids. Wall night lights are available now too, and are an easy way to elevate your child’s bedroom and create functional art for your child to enjoy.

Have an older child or teenager? Night lights aren’t only for the little ones any more! LED Neon lights are one great alternative to conventional kids night lights.

The Neon trend has blown up in the past few years, and folks - it looks like it’s here to stay. Mainstream media has well and truly embraced this trend. Even shows like Sesame Street and Stranger Things all feature Neons in their interior styling or decor!

Sketch & Etch offer a huge range of pre-designed signs, the option to personalise a neon of your kid’s name or favourite quote, or even create something from scratch unique for your child. 

Well Considered Wall Sockets

Okay, so this tip might not be as exciting as colours and bedroom decor, but you’ll be thanking us for including it - trust us!

If you are doing a complete bedroom make-over, you may get to decide where your wall sockets will go. Give this process some time, and get your child involved. They will be using their bedroom the most after all, so it is important that it is functional for them. Please remember to always get a qualified electrician to make any electrical modifications.

If you are not able to adjust the position of your wall sockets, that is absolutely fine! Just take this into consideration when you are deciding on the layout of your kids bedroom. Where will their desk go? Are you planning on having a neon night light or lamp? Will you have a charging station for all their electronic devices? Deciding on where key items will go early in the piece, will save you a lot of time (and potentially money) later on.