How to Style your Star Wars Themed Event

Sketch & Etch On April 29, 2021

5 mins read

A timeless cult classic, can you believe that the Star Wars franchise has been around for nearly half a century! And what better day to celebrate it than May the 4th - international Star Wars Day.

Over the years, there have been many fans who have grown up with it, or brought their kids up playing Jedis and Stormtroopers. Let’s not forget the whole new generation who fell in love with that galaxy far, far away when Disney released their new instalments a few years ago. 

So it’s no surprise that Star Wars themed events are on the rise. Planning your next Star Wars themed event or a wedding between two Star Wars fans? Perhaps a galaxy themed birthday party? Read on for some major ideas and trends we’re seeing.

Star Wars Sayings

One of the most popular ways to include Star Wars in your theme is to tie in famous Star Wars Quotes. Some might prefer to include them subtly, like in invitations. We think these make for the perfect statement piece to bring the whole theme together.

Our top picks are:

  • “May the Force be with you” - Yoda
  • “All I want is your love” - Padme
  • “I truly, deeply love you” - Padme

But our number one pick, and by far the most popular Star Wars we’ve come through, is “I love you”, “I know”. The famous line between star crossed lovers Han Solo and Princess Leia.

These words lit up in neon light make for the most incredible feature piece. The glow of the neon creates an ambience much like the starry night sky, and creates a great photo booth back-drop for friends and family. In fact, this saying has been so popular that our Sketch & Etch designers have created a pre-designed option which has been hot on the wedding trails. You can view it here and get some styling inspiration below.

While it’s available in (nearly) all the colours of the rainbow, this neon sign has been most popular in Cool White and Light Pink. One of our gorgeous clients held their wedding at The George Ballroom (@thegeorgeballroom) and embellished the sign with beautiful blooms by Glass Haus Design (@glasshausdesign)⁠⁠

Meanwhile, another couple opted for Cool White to match their monochrome colour palette.


Star Wars Characters

Now stay with us for a moment. When we say include Star Wars Characters at your event, we’re not talking novelty sized blow up balloons or inviting a paid actor along in a Wookee outfit (although this might be the perfect extras for a kid’s Star Wars themed birthday). What we had in mind was much more subtle, and arguably more stylish too.

We are obsessed with one of the recent weddings Sketch and Etch Creative created for the lovely Sarah and Scott. It was masterminded by the incredible stylists at Ruby and James, and Nomad Styling so we expected nothing less than amazing. However, the designs and pieces Sketch and Etch Creative ended up creating still blew us all away! 

We particularly admired the way that the loveable droid R2D2 had been incorporated throughout their event. While you’d mostly see droids and outer-space creatures featured on the shelves of collectors or at a comic con, these signs were pared back for a sophisticated finish. 

While this seating chart was definitely generous in size, the choice of a timber finish toned the whole sign right down.


Sketch and Etch Creative made this set of table numbers in a feminine Blush Pink Acrylic with a white UV print so it still tied in with the rustic romance vibe of the event.

For those die-hard Star Wars fans, we’ve got some great news for you! If you have that one favourite character, let our team know! As you’ve probably noticed, we love to get creative and would love to create your very own Star Wars inspired neon. Even better? They make for that extra special take home gift to yourself that you can hang at home to enjoy for years to come.

Star Wars Decorations

Now on top of the statement pieces like neon signs and custom character signage, there are many other creative ways to incorporate a Star Wars theme into your event. For starters, no Star Wars event would be complete without lightsabers! There are a huge range of affordable options where you can purchase your very own set of lightsabers through online retailers. These act as a great party favour, or lighting for a walkway or important station at your event. We particularly love the way that our Darth Vader inspired bar sign turned out. 

Crafted from a Burnt Orange acrylic, Darth Vader held his very own lightsaber created with LED neon! It was white during the day, but could be turned on at night to carry on festivities through the night. When the reception was in full swing, the couple turned on this Star Wars bar sign to light the way to the bar in bright blue LED neon. Definitely somewhere guests would appreciate finding easily!


For those getting married or holding a milestone birthday, a Star Wars themed Wishing Well might also be on the cards. Remember what we said about incorporating Star Wars sayings in a more subtle way? This couple managed to, with the cute quote ‘Yoda only one for me’ and an equally adorable Yoda decal on the front.

There you have it, our top tips for creating the ultimate Star Wars themed party or event. The key? Less is more. So go on, and start planning that party! And may the force be with you.