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/ $1000 Gift Voucher

$1000 Gift Voucher


Planning a big event? Want it to look great, but not quite sure what you want yet?

Our $1,000 gift voucher has you covered. This voucher is perfect for:

Brides! As a gift from a friend or for themselves.

Mums-to-be! Splash out in the preparation for your little prince or princess.

Businesses! Don't lose the rest of your budget. Purchase a voucher to use towards an epic event in the next financial year.

PLUS, you have a whole 12 months to decide what you want - how good is that?!

Is this a gift?

Simply select our 'Acrylic' voucher option, and you'll be sent out a physical voucher to gift your loved one, at no extra cost.

What could you buy with this voucher at Sketch and Etch?

The combinations are limitless. Here are some great examples below!

  • Personalised Wishing Well + Custom Neon Sign
  • Welcome acrylic sign (A1), personalised wishing well, 10x table numbers + Cake Topper
  • A baby name neon sign + personalised coat hangers + milestone cards + printed timber photos + Shh baby is sleeping sign
  • Not sure? No worries, you've got a whole year to figure it out!


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