Wishing Wells Care

The Custom Wishing Well builder doesn’t offer custom UV Printing, is this no longer available?

We absolutely still offer UV Printing on our Signature Wishing Wells. We consider this to be an ultra-custom request. Get in touch via our contact form here [insert link]

Love the custom Wishing Well builder, want to have another idea?

We can help! Our biggest inspiration are our clients and we love working on fresh new concepts. Get in touch via our contact form and let’s start chatting about your idea!

Care Instructions

Our Signature Wishing Wells are carefully constructed just the way you want! Designed to sit pretty and be a standout feature for your event, our Signature Wishing Wells aren’t designed to withstand repetitive or rough handling. Please don’t ever carry your Wishing Well by the lid as it will be guaranteed to break. Always carry the Wishing Well securely by the base.

Can we clean the Wishing Well?

Yes! Warm soapy water and some glass cleaner for a streak free gleam.

What is the maximum weight it can hold?

The Wishing Wells are designed to hold cards for your event so we don’t recommend filling your Wishing Well with heavy objects.

Can the Mirror scratch?

Absolutely! Keep away from rough surfaces and sharp objects!

My Wishing well has arrived, how do I assemble it?

Follow the instructions below!

Wishing Well Care