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Personalised Kids Door Signs

Getting any child to go to their room let alone stay in it can be difficult, particularly when their bedtime comes. Kids are notoriously persistent and incredibly clever at finding ways to stay up a little later and escape their rooms. Their desire to leave the confines of their bedroom could be down to its inability to connect with them on a fundamental level, however. Read More

Personalised Kids Door Signs to Light up the Home

Personalised kids door signs are a great way to reinforce the idea for the child that this is their space, a place that is uniquely theirs and where they should want to bed down for the night. Why traditional stickers and plaques have been used for some time, the truth is that kids need something more vibrant to engage with, which is why neon has become the go-to solution that many parents have found success with.

At Sketch and Etch, we design and create high-quality neon signs that are designed either by our customers or by our customers with the assistance of our wonderful project managers and in-house graphic designers. We are a creative organisation that seeks to provide you with alternatives to the norm that achieve better results and really bring a new dynamic to the home.

Our outstanding approach to customer care has won us many compliments from past clients and with worldwide shipping available, we have earned plenty of fans both at home here in Australia as well as much further away.

Why Neon Signs Are Ideal for Kids Bedrooms

While creating a custom-designed neon sign isn’t exactly cheap, the fact that we are an in-house team that handle all aspects of the process means that you can expect to be quoted an affordable price. Depending on how intricate your sign needs to be, that will undoubtedly factor in, but we are here to work with you to achieve the best possible results.

Neon has made a big splash on the global scene for many different reasons over the past few years. While it is definitely not a new product or concept, compared to when it first premiered in the early part of the last century, its appeal in domestic situations has grown, which has been made possible by companies such as ours here at Sketch and Etch through the use of LED Flexible Neon lighting.

The personalised kids door signs that we produce don’t require an electrician to install them, they don’t produce heat and they do not use any gas. This makes them much safer and user-friendly. Neon colours provide any home with a sense of escape, which is why it appeals so much to kids.

Whether you use it to encourage them to head for their bedroom, or if you choose to use it for mood lighting purposes, or to create a defined thematic space, a lot can be achieved with very little investment. There are no imaginations that are quite as fertile as those of children. As such, by being creative with neon lighting and design, your kids can feel comforted and safe in their personal space.

At Sketch and Etch, our goal is to help you achieve a neon sign that is of impeccable quality and that will last for many years. We believe in creating tasteful signs that are safe, look great and put the best of technology to good use.

As such, if you are exploring personalised kids door signs but want to achieve more, then give us a call or fill out the query form online and we’ll be in touch. Read Less



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