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Kids Room Signs

When raising a child there are many different considerations to be taken. The first place that they will learn and engage with the world is the family home. As such, as your child starts to develop its own personality and recognises that it has a place that is designated for them to keep their toys, sleep and within which they start to learn more about the world through stories, helping them to engage with that space and become independent within it is important. Kids room signs are used all around the world, but if you really want to define a space for a child, consider a neon-lit kids room sign. Read More

Fun Kids Room Signs Accessible Online in Australia

Here at Sketch and Etch, we are a team of creatives and manufacturers that supply Australia with custom designed and built neon signs that they can use however they see fit. Rather than depend on gas, we make our neon signs using LED Flexible Neon lighting, which requires less energy to power. Our signs come equipped with a dimmer switch, which makes it possible to change the ambience in a room in seconds and they don’t produce heat, which means that your little one is in no danger of being burned if they come into contact with its surface.

We are capable of producing neon signs that are as intricate or simple as you wish. You can even use our Neon Builder right here online to come up with your own custom sign and if you’re happy with what you achieve, just click order and we will send a final proof to you within 3 business days before we get to work on it.

How We Realise Your Designs

The possibilities are endless with neon signs. Whether you want to achieve something as simple as accent items within the room, you can create the perfect sign to enhance the lighting effect around these features to create a brand new reality.

At Sketch and Etch, we have worked with lots of different parents who wanted to create a particular theme for their son or daughter. Kids room signs are a fun way to achieve a couple of different things at once. You might create a sign that simply says “blast off” and with the right choice of colour and typography, you could suddenly have the basis for a futuristic room that will prove endlessly popular with your child.

There are plenty of shoppers who think of neon as something exclusive to businesses and advertisements, however, its popularity has grown in the domestic setting over the past few years. With our solutions, you don’t need to think about hiring an electrician to install the sign either. All you have to do is follow the safety instructions and once it is properly mounted, just plug it in.

Here at Sketch and Etch, we combine creative professionalism with the best of technology to realise signs that originate in the minds of our customers that are high quality and tasteful. We go above and beyond and achieve more because we keep our entire process in-house.

We have an extensive range of custom backings, fonts, alternating lighting, acrylic features, colours and many more features for you to choose from. As such, if you believe in taking a creative approach that will add a lot of fun, depth and the perfect mood, neon kids room signs are an ideal choice. Call us today to learn more, or to start the process with your dedicated project manager. Read Less



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