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Kids Room Decor Online

Parenting can be tough work. Kids are a joy but they really know how to create work for any parent, regardless of whether it’s all in the name of fun, or if they are looking for a little bit more attention. There are lots of ways that a growing child can engage with the world around them and while the interaction with parents is undoubtedly the most important, the environment around them can inspire them to engage with the world in new ways and to develop their personalities. Read More

Kids Room Décor Options That Make a Statement

When looking for kids room décor ideas, parents would do well to consider alternatives to the traditional, such as neon lighting. At Sketch and Etch, we are one of Australia’s leading suppliers of the very best personalised neon signs. We appreciate that neon may not be the first choice that pops into a parent’s head when they start to consider design options for a child’s room, however, there are many ways that neon can be used to achieve many different things.

Children have wildly fertile imaginations and so by creating a space that promotes fun and creativity, you can help them to pursue their natural learning tendencies in new ways. Our team is here to help you achieve the kind of look and feel for the room you are designing.

You can use our Neon Builder to custom create your very own signs, whether they are shapes, words or whatever else you can think of. However, our team of client managers and graphic designers is here to assist and guide your choices so that you make the kind of statement that you want to in their bedroom or play area.

The Right Room Décor Feature Can Make a World of Difference

In the past, parents seeking out kids décor options were faced with hanging mobiles, posters and wallpaper, as well as colourful bedclothes and pyjamas to piece together a room. However, lighting is one feature that can add layers of fun and promote a sense of safety in any child’s room.

Whether you are creating a space that is ideal for a young boy or girl, you can use our neon signs to help build a distinct identity in the room. The style of the typography, size of the sign, the colour used as well as the what it signifies all combine into a single feature that can alter the tone of the room simply by plugging it in.

Here at Sketch and Etch, we believe in quality and customers satisfaction above all else. As such, we want to ensure that you get the very best product for the money that you spend. We have worked with countless customers to date on budgets of different sizes. With our creative input, we can achieve more and guide your decisions to deliver a product that achieves what you hope and fits within your budget. It all really depends on how simple or intricate you want it to be.

Naturally, engaging with kids décor online may cause you to worry about the risk of things now turning out how you expected. Rest assured, once we receive your order, you will get a proof within 3 business days, which will include the final dimensions of your bespoke neon sign.

With a great neon sign in place casting a wondrous glow over everything, you can build a space that is entirely your child’s with them. Kids bedroom décor does not have to include a lot of accessories to keep them engaged, sometimes all it takes is the right feature to pull the room together. That’s what the team here at Sketch and Etch hope to achieve for you very soon. Call or enquire online today. Read Less



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