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Where Can I Buy A Custom Wishing Well For My Wedding

An estimated 60% of weddings now feature a wishing well, a fancy donation box that continues to gain popularity both within Australia and internationally. Part of the reason for this explosion in growth is the variety of lifestyles that new couples now live. Traditional wedding gifts – intended to make couples comfortable in a new home – aren’t necessarily appropriate any longer. Read More

Custom Wishing Wells for Your Wedding

These wishing wells mark the perfect way to tastefully allow guests to leave a donation to the new happy couple, which can be used in a variety of ways to launch married life in a comfortable way.

Wishing wells come in a variety of styles, and you may be asking yourself: “where can I buy a wishing well for my wedding?”

It’s a difficult question. Your wishing well should have a beautiful custom design, and it should also be robust and rugged. At Sketch and Etch we are experts in creating custom wishing wells for the big day of couples. Here’s what makes us the best option.

Considerate Customer Care

When it comes to buying a wedding wishing well, Australia residents have a lot of options available to them. As the wells continue to gain in popularity the number of suppliers does too. But we do truly believe that our winning approach to customer care sets us apart.

When you begin to work with us, you will be assigned a dedicated client manager who will work with you to develop a creative brief, relying upon their years of experience and design knowledge. They have worked on countless wishing wells and personalised wedding signs in the past and can bring that knowledge and understanding to your project while ensuring it’s entirely unique and expresses your personality.

While you have just a single point of contact for the sake of convenience and familiarity, a lot of going on behind the scenes.

The Best Workmanship

Not only will your wishing well play an important role on your big day, it can also be an important memento once the big day is long gone. This is why you want your wishing well to be designed with the most robust materials and in a way that will ensure longevity.

Our machine operators have years of experience working in industrial design, and they relish the opportunity to work on exciting new projects in new ways. Whatever the brief that you develop with your client manager, you can rest assured that our staff will have the ability to execute on it.

We have a host of in-house machines which mean we can work effectively and quickly while guaranteeing quality control, a huge benefit when compared to our competitors. Of course, our engineers can only work after they have received a stunning design from our team of in-house designers.

The Best Designers

Our designers are passionate about making beautiful things a reality, so they work hand-in-hand with your client manager to understand your needs and then articulate them with a breathtaking design. This design is then developed with the engineers to ensure that it reflects the reality.

Custom Wishing Wells

Weddings are some of life’s magical moments and bring joy not just to the couple, but to family and close friends who often feel inspired to send their good wishes to the bridal couple.

According to old German, Celtic and Nordic myths, it was believed that any wish spoken over a wishing well would be granted after coins had been dropped into it. A wishing well today is a somewhat altered deviation from the original well, whose purpose has been retained but slightly altered.

If you are looking to buy a wedding wishing well to receive your financial wedding gifts, we can help you to create a well of your own preference. 

A Modern Wishing Well

Primarily used at wedding events, a wishing well today can be a decorative box made of clear acrylic, wood, or if you prefer, a vintage more traditional look of wood and glass. Typically used as a donation box, your wishing well may be placed on your gift table at your reception venue, to receive well-wishers’ cards, financial gifts, or messages.  

At Sketch and Etch, our range of wishing wells can be completely personalised with your preferences by allowing you to design your own well online. Send your design to us, and we will put it together and return it to you. And just in case you were wondering about security, our boxes come with a latch and lock to ensure the security of your gifts.

How to Design Your Own Wishing Well

At Sketch and Etch we have a range of attractive and decorative wishing wells that can not only hold your wedding gifts but will also serve as a wedding ornament and a beautiful keepsake to have as a reminder of your great day.

We offer several online templates for you to choose from and adapt, stating your shape, colour, size and other preferences, as well as the message you’d like to have printed on your wishing well. Once you’ve made your selection, preview your design, and we will create your very own wishing well and send it to you with easy-to-follow instructions on how to put it together.

As co-designers, we recognise how important it is to make your wedding day that much more special by adding your own personal touches. So, if you’d prefer, our design team can work with you to help you design your special acrylic wishing well or acrylic wedding signs.

Dedicated to Your Satisfaction

Our dedicated managers are not only dedicated to you; they are dedicated to ensuring your wedding items are bespoke and special. At Sketch and Etch, we ensure that your personal touch is as much a part of your special day as your presence is, and it’s why we’re here to help you to customise your wedding gift box and other items.  

Do go on and get designing, and if you have any queries or comments you’d like us to address, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are happy to be a part of your wonderful journey towards your special day and are completely dedicated to your satisfaction.

To find out how we can be of service to you, kindly get in touch with us by using our contact form, or just give us a call on 0352413094

Contact Us Today

If you would like to create a breathtaking wishing well that will help you to tastefully collect donations on your big day, then you should be sure to visit our website to learn more about us today.

Sketch and Etch provide custom neon & acrylic signs for your big event! Visit us today. Large range of custom wishing wells solutions and more.

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