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Baby Boy & Girl Room Decor

Every parent wants their child’s first experience of the place that they will come to know as home to be a special one. The preparation for the arrival of a newborn is something that entails a lot of planning as well as the acquisition of the perfect items to create a space that will feel full of wonder and joy. Baby room décor can often feel a little uninspired, however, and parents might rightly wonder why more interesting concepts are not readily available. Fortunately, there are ways to achieve something truly unique without having to look very far. Read More

Stuck for Baby Room Décor Ideas?

At Sketch and Etch, we are an Australian manufacturer of bespoke neon signs. Over the past few years, our popularity has gone from strength-to-strength as a resurgence of all things neon took hold and customers wanted access to products that were more often imagined than available on the shop shelves or online. Our approach is one that puts you in the driver’s seat.

We love to work with our clients as much as they need. As such, while it is possible for you to custom design signs to the dimensions and specifications that you want, you can also gain the knowledge and expertise of a professional client manager who will work with you to bring your boldest and best ideas to striking reality. In tandem with our team of graphic designers and practical staff that make all of our signs on our equipment, you can expect a faster route to the perfect sign for your newborn.

Neon is Ideal Whether You’re Decorating for a Boy or Girl

Any parent will attest to the fact that when they set out to create the perfect baby boy room décor their initial excitement was tempered somewhat when they asked whether their soon to be born son would respond positively to their choices. We all know that it doesn’t take very long for babies to start to show their personalities and so finding something that you believe is completely appropriate for your child can be difficult.

Here at Sketch and Etch, we believe that parents know best and have an innate sense for the kind of environment that their child will respond well to. We are renowned for our exceptional customer care, so you can bet that we will be here to assist and guide you along the way. Our knowledge of all things neon will help you navigate the myriad design options available and our project gallery serves as a great starting point for those that need a little inspiration.

Nurseries are a different kind of space to light. While you must have enough light in the room, it’s worth considering how the light will interact with your paint choices and how else it might be utilised. Neon lights are ideal in this regard since they double as a light source and a form of entertainment that will cast a magical glow over your baby while it rests.

You are about to begin a fantastic journey with your newborn, so getting creative is a good way to make the process a little more fun. Our neon signs can be customised to your needs, so if you’ve got a fun idea that you think could make a big difference in the nursery, have a chat with our team.

Whether you are exploring baby girl room décor options or something more appropriate for a boy, neon signs can be accessed right here at Sketch and Etch that are high quality, fun and designed for either. So, don’t just settle for what’s on the market, tap into a world of possibilities by contacting us today. Read Less



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